Our Team

Afira Surendran 

Registered Counsellor

Counselling helps us to understand the way in which our thoughts and feelings affect our behaviours, goals and decisions in life. It can also help us to identify issues in our lives, while exploring options and strategies to resolve them. I have a special interest in chronic pain management and my work focuses on helping people to identify and cope with the psychological aspects and difficulties which sometimes accompany chronic pain. We offer recognised assessment tools and therapies designed for assisting those with chronic pain, and we combine this with an understanding and person-centred approach aimed at helping you work towards your individual mental health and well-being goals.



Trupti Patel


Physical therapy can mean different things to different people. For some it is about recovering after an injury, for others it is about increasing mobility and independence. I have over 16 years of experience in treating a variety of conditions ranging from neck and shoulder pain to lower back and ankle pain. Your treatment sessions will be tailored towards your specific wellness goals and will be assessed as we go along. We also offer Yoga and Pilates lessons and can attest to the many benefits these modalities have for people of all age groups. If you are looking to treat pain, improve muscle function, or increase energy and core strength please contact us for more information.



Dietetics is the science of how food and nutrition affects our health. Although most of us have a sound idea of what foods are healthy and beneficial for us versus foods that aren't, there is also another dimension to dietetics where your nutritional intake can be assessed and matched to your body's specific needs. If you are looking to make positive changes with your nutritional intake or you would like to have your current intake assessed then a dietetics consultation might be what you need. Eating well is the precursor to great overall health and it can be achieved with small changes that are surprisingly easy to implement and follow. Contact me to find out how your diet can change your life.  

Our values

We value an approach to health and well being that encompasses physical therapy, nutrition and mental health

Our Mission

To help you reach your health goals with a care plan that is suited to your individual needs

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