Mental health support can help to 

make the difference between hope  or despair,  understanding or confusion, and

coping or struggling



If you are experiencing pain for a prolonged period of time, you will know only too well that there is an emotional and mental side to it which is not always easy to talk about. But counselling can

help you to uncover and

deal with the thoughts

and emotions attached to your physical pain, while helping you to develop your strengths and overcome any psychological barriers they have created. 

Chronic Pain Management
Family & Relationships Counselling

Everyone experiences unique issues in their relationships and family environment, but we all deserve to enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships with those around us. This form of counselling can offer you the chance to discuss what you are going through and provide you with some tools and strategies to cope with everyday issues no matter how big or small they may seem. 

Grief & Loss Counselling

The death of a loved one is heartbreaking and it can result in a huge number of mixed emotions, thoughts and feelings. Each person's experience of grief is different and counselling may help to provide you with a safe space to deal with your grief in the way that you need to. 

Weight Loss

The journey towards reaching your goal weight can be quite a roller coaster. Success is impacted by psychological factors within our control such as our attitude towards food, as well as factors which are harder to control such as life events and social gatherings. Weight loss counselling can help you work through any issues in your relationship with food, and it can also provide you with some tools to manage the challenges one faces while trying to lose weight.


Please note this does involve any dietetic or nutritional advice. 

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